dS:uk…in tribute to
Dire Straits
The Alchemy Tour 2019

Leiston Film Theatre
23rd November 2019

The UK's finest Dire Straits tribute show

What is it about Dire Straits that you love? For us, it's the incredible music, guitar playing, thoughtful lyrics and musicianship that stands head and shoulders above most other bands of the era and, indeed, music history.

Dire Straits was the reason that MD, Band Leader and Lead Guitarist David Knight started playing guitar and it's a passion that has stuck and influenced over 30 years.
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The Alchemy Tour

DS:UK has been touring the UK with their Alchemy Tour. Aiming to present a different show each year, the Alchemy Tour is an adventurous presentation that brings back memories of Dire Straits' last nights of the 1983 Love over Gold tour at Hammersmith Odeon…

… these were recorded and released as the "Alchemy Album".

Including incredible Knopfler compositions such as Telegraph Road, Once upon a time in the west and Love over Gold - you can hear the love for the music in the band's attention to detail. No short cuts, no 'cover versions' - it's all there.

The Alchemy Tour is one not to be missed in 2019.
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Tickets only - £15

What are our audiences saying?

Our Alchemy tour has been delighting audiences throughout the tour. Our show is rated as 5/5 by our Facebook followers - See what people have been saying in our live Facebook recommendations below.
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Are you coming?

Tickets only - £15

What do we love about tribute shows?

Some people are hesitant about tribute band shows. You know, we were the same too. In fact, it was seeing a 'bad' tribute show that inspired us to start DS:SUK- we wanted to do right by our heroes.. and then we discovered an incredible world of working!

There are a number of reasons to support the tribute band scene - and I'm sure you may not have considered these:

• Supporting Tribute shows actually supports the original artists. We pay 4% of our ticket sales in PRS royalties to "Dire Straits LTD". This can be as much as £800 per performance! This pays for the use of their music in our performance. Fans show support to their favourite artists by buying CDs, concert tickets and merchandise. How much have you given to your favourite artists in your lifetime?

• Supporting live music in theatres supports jobs in the music industry. All of our players are full time, career professional musicians. The money that they earn for their shows feeds their families and pays their bills. You might mainly see musicians playing in pubs or busking in the street. This work doesn't pay well, and the wedding function market is severely crowded by University graduates trying to find their way as professional musicians.

Your attendance at the theatres also keeps the theatres open and pays their staff. It's similar to music venues and arts centres.

They all exist to entertain the public and it's a great night out.

• Tribute shows might be the only way that fans can connect with their favourite artist's music in person. When groups break up, stop touring or pass on to the big gig in the sky, seeing shows like ours keeps their music going. We don' profess to be Dire Straits, but we go that extra mile to produce an authentic Dire Straits style production for the fans to enjoy.

Tickets only - £15

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