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Pete Wilson - “Chris White” - “Saxophone”

Pete is a complete mystery. He's like the Pyramids.... we know very little about him.

Some say that he was formally trained on Saxophone by Bob Holness who began training Pete following the release of "Baker Street"....

... and that his Alto was forged in the heart of a dying Star.

All we know is that he's an incredible musician with a sweet feel and a tone that'll bring tears to your eyes.

Dire Straits UK is very fortunate to have found such a unique talent to complete the line up and perform the iconic Brass and Wind parts in these records.

Alistair Begg - “John Illsley” - Bass

Alistair Begg is a formidable and versatile talent, since graduating from
BASSTECH in 1995 he has been making a living from playing and teaching bass in various bands in the South of England including EverClare with David. Alistair is one of the few Chapman Stick players in the world, joining the ranks of Tony Levin and Nick Beggs as formidable ‘stickists'.

He has played in Originals bands, Function bands, Tribute bands, Theme bands and countless depping situations, performing pop, funk, soul, rock, metal, prog, latin and jazz, plus a couple of genres best forgotten and at least one that was never named. He has played barns, boats, pubs, parties, clubs and cruises.

Alistair teaches Bass guitar at College and Degree level in Southampton, successfully guiding the next generation of young bass guitarists.

Find out more about Alistair at

David Knight - “Mark Knopfler” - Lead Guitar and Vocals

David’s been a full time musician since leaving College at the age of 18, playing for high-street brands and internationally in holiday hotels, as well as opening the Dingle Film Festival in Southern Ireland and Cannes Film Festival in France.

David has a 1
st class honours degree in Performance Industries, is an educated and experienced recording engineer and is a certified Pro Tools Engineer and instructor for Avid.

Alongside managing and performing with Dire Straits;UK, he works as a full time musician and recording engineer, producing local artists at White Room Studios in Southampton, playing weddings and corporate events across the UK with his band
Run Gizmo Run and also running Genesis Tribute band "Genesis Legacy"

Mark Knopfler is David’s inspiration for starting to play the guitar and the opportunity to perform Dire Straits’ music as a tribute to the band is a dream come true.

Find out more about Dave at

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Alec Heald - “Pick Withers / Terry Williams / Chris Whitten” - Drums

After graduating from University in 2012 with a degree in Popular Music Performance, specialising in Drums, Alec been involved in countless projects around the country. 

From recording and live sessions with young and upcoming artists, private tuition, drumming in high street brand nightclubs, acoustic sets and working with numerous bands on the corporate and event circuits , Alec’s solid feel and creativity behind the kit has solidified him as one of the South coasts most in demand drummers working today.

Find out more about Alec at

Rick Benbow - “Alan Clark / Guy Fletcher” - Keyboards and Piano

Rick Benbow is an outstanding veteran of the professional music industry. Following earning his Degree in Music, specialising in Composition, he has touring and production credits that include Jewel and Status Quo as well as a long and established history playing with almost every Pink Floyd tribute band in the English speaking world.

As a educated composer / arranger, Rick has also spent a significant amount of time leading music departments in Universities across the world and still teaches music today.

His musical ability and knowledge with keys and synths allows him to easily interpret the wonderful Clark/Fletcher arrangements as well as replicating the iconic keyboard sounds that song like Money for Nothing would be empty without.

Find out more about Rick at

Lachlan Horne- “David Knopfler / Jack Sonni / Phil Palmer / Hal Lindes)

Lachlan Horne - singer / songwriter / guitar player with a formidable reputation both as a performing musician and guitar teacher.

He spent his early formative years as a self-taught guitar player from the age of fourteen playing for any band that had a chance of a gig or two. After a few years spent freewheelin' in blues, pop and rock  bands he moved to take his playing to a more serious level and studied under distinguished guitarists such as Alan Limbrick (founder of The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance), John Etheridge (Soft Machine, Stephane Grappelli) and Jazz metal virtuoso Shaun Baxter when he attended The Guitar Institute in London. After a few more years of diligent music study and a lifestyle centred around intensive guitar practice he established himself as a professional musician and has since performed in numerous successful bands both in the UK and Australia . He has been fortunate to have worked with a variety of talented musicians, most notably drummer and long term friend Darrin Mooney of Primal Scream and Gary Moore fame. Darrin plays drums on Lachlan’s first two albums.

Lachlan has played sessions and written music for a variety of music and media projects and his playing can be heard on computer games, radio commercials, an online slot machine and even as a theme on a roller coaster. The UK manufacturer JHS liked his guitar playing so much they asked him to endorse their 'Vintage' brand of guitar (pictured above).

Having spent most of his music career as a side man and session musician he stepped out of the shadows in 2004 by releasing his own instrumental rock album entitled The Time Has Come. This album, and his second release, The Horne Supremacy (2007/2009), which also highlighted his vocal talent, have both served to establish his hard earned reputation as a guitarist and musician of great talent.

His third album Rock n Roll Ltd was released in 2014 and also features the mighty talents of bass player Alistair Begg and drummer John Weedon - his 'house' band. Arguably his best, it showcases his unrelenting talent at combining appealing and catchy rock songs with great musicianship and technical prowess.

Over the years he has earned himself an enviable reputation as a leading exponent of contemporary rock guitar. When he is not writing and performing he manages a hectic teaching schedule and is often engaged in studio session work.